Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mob Wives' Big Ang Getting Spin-off

VH1 announced yesterday that Mob Wivesstar Big Ang, a.k.a. Angela Raiola, is getting her own spin-off this July. Producer Jennifer Graziano recently called Big Ang her "secret weapon" after Ang emerged as the most popular character on the reality show about Italian American women who love mafiosos.
The owner of Staten Island's Drunken Monkey Bar & Grill, Big Ang earned a rep as a plastic surgery lover who pines over handsome "wise guys" and has a contagious Herman Munster-like laugh. As we've discovered, she also takes pride in cooking. Besides her voluptuous frame, those wise guys fall hard for her cutlets,  (as do family and friends) and Ang told us she's working on a cookbook. Since the new show will bring even more attention to Staten Island, we wanted to find out where she eats out. Here, Big Ang’s favorite restaurants.

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  1. Big Ang is definitely the most popular one Mob Wives. I know she's my favorite. Love watching that girl on TV. I'm sure her new show is going to be awesome.