Monday, April 23, 2012

Britney’s fiancé Jason applies to legally control her...

He’ll soon be her husband and ruler in more ways than one after Jason Trawick looks set to be Brit’s co-conservator.

Britney Spears’ life has been controlled by her dad, Jamie Spears, since she had that horrid breakdown in 2008, which involved shaving her head in public, beating up a taxi with an umbrella and being hospitalised after taking her own sons hostage.
But now it looks like her fiancé Jason Trawick, who asked Britters to marry him last December, is going to share responsibility for her well being too.
According to, Jamie has asked a court to add Jason as co-conservator over his daughter.
This means he will be able make decisions over her food, clothing and medical care if need be – but not over her finances.
We feel uncomfortable and relieved all at the same time.
Obviously this isn’t the most normal of situations for a betrothed couple to find themselves in, but then Britney’s world isn’t exactly the most usual of places.
An LA probate attorney (not linked to the case) told People that it is very rare for individuals in this situation to be getting married.
"Generally you don't see conservatees get married," Jeffrey S. Cohen told the website. "This could be a sign that the couple's wedding is around the corner.
"This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriage off on the right foot. Obviously, her future husband needs to have a say in her well being."

Britney’s dad has been in control of her well being and gazillion pound fortune since her meltdown and the conservatorship will only be lifted when a judge, on the advice of her doctors, deems her psychologically well enough to take care of her own affairs.
We just hope she’s made the right choice with the Jason affair, otherwise this could all get horribly messy again

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