Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jessica Simpson gets withdrawal symptoms when not breastfeeding

Jessica Simpson gets withdrawal symptoms when not breastfeeding

The singer-and-actress gave birth to little Maxwell Drew on May 1 and while she is nursing her most of the time, she admits she finds it hard when fiance Eric Johnson feeds the tot.
She said: "It's become a full-on job. It's the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her. I miss holding her and having that closeness."
Since becoming parents, Jessica admits her and Eric's lives have changed completely.
"Life has completely changed. From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!
"We stare at her all the time. We can't get enough," she told People magazine.
After 9lb 13oz Maxwell was born, Jessica announced the happy news on her official website, saying: "We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received. This has been the greatest experience of our lives!"
She later tweeted: "I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I've ever experienced."

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jennifer Aniston declines Brad Pitt's offer to meet up...

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston turned down Brad Pitt's invite for drinks when he and Angelina Jolie were in Los Angles last week.
The ‘Friends’ actress would usually meet up with Brad but instead passed up the offer to spend time with her beau, actor Justin Theroux.
Now magazine report a source revealed: “She's always met him in the past, but this time told him she'd have to pass as she'd rather spend time with Justin Theroux.”
Jennifer and Justin were spotted today, (16.03.12) shopping at The Melrose Project furniture store in West Hollywood California.
The 43-year-old actress was scanning different pieces for her new home with the help of beau Justin, who she has joked she wants to be married to by the end of the year.
It looks like Jennifer expensive taste as the shop boasts ‘a unique collection of the country’s most distinctive and distinguished dealers and artists from the world of antiques, fine art, rugs, and contemporary furnishings.’

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Raven Symone coming out of the closet and dating AzMarie Livingston?

Is Raven Symone coming out of the closet and dating AzMarie Livingston?

The former "That's So Raven, "Georgia" And "Cosby Show" beauty is once again, being questioned on sexuality.Apprently 2 sources say that Raven and AzMarie ,who competed in Tyra Banks' "America Next Top Model" reside in a New York condo together and are a couple. Livingston was booted from "ANTM" when she refused to wear a butt pad in a "booty tooching" photo shoot.Symone has addressed her sexuality in the past. In 2010, she tweeted "im not in a relationship with a girl," in response to a an earlier rumor.This is all according to gossip site MediaTakeout. The site bases their report on a story they claim is set to be published in the National Enquirer.

Friday, May 11, 2012 has angered BBC bosses by Tweeting on The Voice live shows has angered BBC bosses by Tweeting on The Voice live shows

Superstitious has to call his mom Debra Cain for luck before every live show.
The 37-year-old's been following the same rituals before performances for years.
As well as calling Mommy, he also has to brush his teeth just before going out, leave his shoes off until the very last minute and moisturize his hands.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco de Mayo: Recipes for a holiday-inspired feast

Cinco de Mayo: Recipes for a holiday-inspired feast..

Cinco de Mayo, the anniversary of the Mexican army’s 1862 victory during the Franco-Mexican War, has become prime time for Americans to celebrate some of the more festive and tasty elements of Mexican cuisine. consider the May 5 holiday, coupled with warmer weather, as the perfect opportunity to explore traditional Mexican dishes.Start your day with our recommendation:Chilaquiles Tortilla chips, sauce, crema and cheese are compulsory components of chilaquiles. But there are certain liberties that individual cooks take; a fried or poached egg can be placed atop the assembled chilaquiles; or cooked, shredded chicken or fried chorizo may be tossed with the chips.
The crema should be thin enough to drizzle over the finished chilaquiles. If it is too thick, add buttermilk or cream as needed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nicki Minaj Does Blue For Vogue

Nicki Minaj Does Blue (Seafoam?) For Vogue..

She's not one to pass up on the opportunity to put her uniqueness on display, and Nicki Minaj did just that for the March 2012 issue of Vogue.
The "Roman's Holiday" singer showed off her inner Smurf while coloring her skin blue and strapping on bright red frock for the Steven Klein shoot - with Nicki also chatting with the magazine about everything from fashion to her plans on starting a grand foundation.
Highlights from Miss Minaj's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit to Vogue
On what she'd like to be if not a musician:
“A huge part of me wanted to be a lawyer! I would do a really good job as a prosecutor."
On learning how to dress at LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts:
“I was dressing in Tommy Hilfiger baggy shirts and Boss jeans, but then I met a person who dressed like a tiny lady—pantsuits, heels, lots of makeup. I thought she was larger than life. She once did my makeup—I had never seen myself made up before. I didn’t want to wash it off; I felt like I had one day to live this fantasy of being a glamour girl.”
On being far from label-obsessed in her downtime: 
“If I can combine designer things with other things, I’m a happy camper.
On her love of high-end accessories:
"Giuseppe, Versace, YSL, and Fendi shoes. And I bought tons of Vuitton bags. When you’re a young girl from Queens, you’re going to stock up on those bags.”
On being adamant that her legacy will not be one of a free-spending, know-nothing celebrity:
“[I'm planning] an enormous foundation to nurture girls. The Nicki Minaj girl is a fun, artsy girl who can become a fierce force to be reckoned with on Wall Street! They hang on my every word, so I tell them, go to school, be ambitious. The worst position is to be financially dependent on the man.”
Photo Credit: Steven Klein for Vogue