Friday, April 27, 2012

Nicki Minaj defends cussing in her songs...

Nicki Minaj Says Asking Her Not To Cuss Is Sexist...

“Why do people ask me to lose swear words? Do people ask Eminem to lose swear words? Do they ask Lil Wayne to lose swear words? Nobody stops them and says ‘Would you stop swearing… for the children, please?’ … I don’t want children cursing. I’m very strict on my nieces and my little brother. They have to listen to clean versions of music. Even my music. … Don’t you think it’s strange, though? I used to see Eminem in concert and people were bringing their little brother or whatever. Nobody stops them and says [she adopts a posh English accent], ‘Would you stop swearing, Eminem, for loads of money?’ I don’t get it, I don’t get it.” 
– Nicki Minaj did a great interview with the UK Guardian and talked about lots of feminist-y themes, including the scrutiny she’s put under for being a woman who sings some really “dirty” lyrics. Nicki talks about how she knows those two little girls on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” — Sophia Grace and Rosie — who rap clean versions of her songs have brought her a lot of attention, but that doesn’t make her kids’ singer.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Actress Meagan Good Engaged......

Actress Meagan Good Engaged...

Actress Meagan Good is engaged to marry a 7th Day Adventist preacher.

The Think like a man beauty, 30, accepted a proposal from Sony Pictures executive DeVon Franklin, a part-time preacher, last month in Los Angeles, a year after the couple met on the set of Tyler Perry's romantic comedy Jumping the Broom, which he produced.

The sexy star, who previously dated rapper Soulja Boy and NFL player Thomas Jones, is guaranteed to have an extra-special wedding night - Good took a personal vow of celibacy last year.

According to, religious Franklin practices Sabbath on Saturday, doesn't eat pork and frowns upon alcohol.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoe, Bella, & Juno Cover NYLON May 2012...

Teaming up for a trifecta of awesomeness, Zoe Kravitz, Juno Temple and Bella Heathcote grace the cover of the May 2012 issue of NYLON magazine.
The three actresses brought their colorful looks and personalities to  Nylon Magazines pages while each opening up in an in-depth conversation for the accompanying column.Want in on the conversation? 
Check out the issue for yourself in Mays upcoming issue!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Artist of The Week...

Eva Simons
video by Eva Simons performing I Don't Like You. (C) 201

 Eva’s song “Silly Boy” gained popularity on the Internet. The song became one of the most notorious tracks online, generating over 20+ million views. After this success, she signed a worldwide deal at EMI. The song actually started out life as a demo idea for another high profile US female act, and gained much notoriety after Kayne West posted it in his blog, with Eva's vocal, and incorrect credits for the songs performer.
Eva Simons will join LMFAO in the North American "Sorry For Party Rocking" tour
On March 20, 2012, Simons premiered her new single, "I Don't Like You", which was released in most countries on March 26 under   Interscope Records. The track is produced by Zedd.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Britney’s fiancé Jason applies to legally control her...

He’ll soon be her husband and ruler in more ways than one after Jason Trawick looks set to be Brit’s co-conservator.

Britney Spears’ life has been controlled by her dad, Jamie Spears, since she had that horrid breakdown in 2008, which involved shaving her head in public, beating up a taxi with an umbrella and being hospitalised after taking her own sons hostage.
But now it looks like her fiancé Jason Trawick, who asked Britters to marry him last December, is going to share responsibility for her well being too.
According to, Jamie has asked a court to add Jason as co-conservator over his daughter.
This means he will be able make decisions over her food, clothing and medical care if need be – but not over her finances.
We feel uncomfortable and relieved all at the same time.
Obviously this isn’t the most normal of situations for a betrothed couple to find themselves in, but then Britney’s world isn’t exactly the most usual of places.
An LA probate attorney (not linked to the case) told People that it is very rare for individuals in this situation to be getting married.
"Generally you don't see conservatees get married," Jeffrey S. Cohen told the website. "This could be a sign that the couple's wedding is around the corner.
"This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriage off on the right foot. Obviously, her future husband needs to have a say in her well being."

Britney’s dad has been in control of her well being and gazillion pound fortune since her meltdown and the conservatorship will only be lifted when a judge, on the advice of her doctors, deems her psychologically well enough to take care of her own affairs.
We just hope she’s made the right choice with the Jason affair, otherwise this could all get horribly messy again

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Kelis opened Ditch Fridays...

Kelis recovered from that bus Nas threw her under on his “Behind The Music” special this week with a live performance at the season opener of Ditch Fridays (4/20/2012) at the Palms Pool & Bungalows.

Kelis' Website

Friday, April 20, 2012

Emily Blunt making the rounds...

Emily Blunt wore a red lace Michael Kors dress for her second movie debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. She accompanied director Lynn Shelton for a red-carpet screening of Your Sister's Sister, and on Wednesday evening, she joined up with Jason Segelas.They premiered their comedy The Five-Year Engagement. Debuts Friday.
Emily hasn't had her husband, John Krasinski, by her side for this week's festivities, but Jason brought his real-life love, Michelle Williams, to the Five-Year screening and afterparty. The new couple have been keeping their relationship relatively under the wraps, but Jason was spotted over the weekend with pictures of the actress and a message that read "I love you" stickered to the back of his iPhone.

In theatres today....

Think Like a Man (2012)

Four friends conspire to turn the tables on their women 
when they discover the ladies have been using 
Steve Harvey's relationship advice against them.


Tim Story


Steve Harvey (book)Keith Merryman (screenplay),and 1 more credit »

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today in fashion...

New Victoria's Secrets Dream Angel style book...
Toni Garrn,the newest Victoria’s Secret angel, steps out with two veterans Erin Heatherton and Lindsay Ellingson  for the lingerie brand’s “Dream Angel” style book. This is her first campaign.

Celeb Birthdays today...

Celeb birthdays today...
Kate Hudson (33)
Ashley Judd (44)
James Franco (34)
Maria Sharapova(25)
Best Wishes to them all from Saccharine!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Respected Legend, Dick Clark dead at 82...

 Legend,  Host and TV producer Dick Clark has died. He was 82.
Spokesman Paul Shefrin said the "American Bandstand" creator had a massive heart attack Wednesday morning at Saint John's hospital in Santa Monica, a day after he was admitted for an outpatient procedure.

Clark's clean-cut image survived a music industry scandal. In 1960, during a congressional investigation of "payola" or bribery in the record and radio industry, Clark was called on to testify.
He was cleared of any suspicions but was required by ABC to divest himself of record-company interests to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. The demand cost him $8 million, Clark once estimated. His holdings included partial ownership of Swan Records, which later released the first U.S. version of the Beatles' smash "She Loves You."
In 2004, Clark announced plans for a revamped version of "American Bandstand." The show, produced with "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller, was to feature a host other than Clark.
He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1994 and served as spokesman for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. With so much more to tell about this legend, we will simply sum things up by saying, he will be missed greatly and mourned heavily. Each New Years eve, he was there, and we will all feel this absence.
Clark, twice divorced, had a son, Richard Augustus II, with first wife Barbara Mallery and two children, Duane and Cindy, with second wife Loretta Martin. He married and is survived by Kari Wigton in 1977. Read More here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with Toasted Coconut Ice Cream...

If you’ve ever seen “Fiddler On The Roof,” you probably know the term “yenta.” A yenta, in Yiddish, is a busybody, a meddler; in “Fiddler,” though, she’s a specific person, a matchmaker.
My whole life, I’ve always been something of a yenta. I love to get involved with people’s life decisions, telling people where to work, where to live, who to date. I’m kind of annoying that way. Which is why, over the years, I’ve pulled back a bit and let people lead the lives they want to lead, not getting too involved. And as far as matchmaking, occasionally I’ll set people up–I have some successes under my belt, some disasters too–though now I think I’m better off applying my skills to food: which is why I decided to pair pineapple upside-down cake with homemade toasted coconut ice cream.
It doesn’t take a yenta to see that this is a very good match: both recipes involve somewhat tropical ingredients (pineapple, coconut, rum) and everyone knows that cake tastes better with ice cream and that ice cream tastes better with cake.
To start, you make your ice cream batter. I used a recipe from my favorite ice cream book,David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop.” It begins by toasting unsweetened coconut in the oven:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rihanna performed live Coachella Music Festival...

Surprising the audience, Rihanna performed  live at  2012 Coachella Music Festival on April 15th.
The “We found love” singer rocked a “PEACE” shirt and denim shorts with a thug life marked on her belly just like Tupac (RIP) as she took the stage to join Calvin Harris at the Indio, California Empire Polo Field. Later photos arose of when she posted photos that  look like she’s getting ready to snort cocaine, or maybe roll a joint off some guy’s bald head at the Coachella Music Festival. How bad ass is that?

Leona Lewis wows in full-length dress...

Leona Lewis stunning in a full-length dress at London fashion show....

Leona Lewis at Ariella Couture fashion show

Leona Lewis arrives at the Ariella Couture catwalk show in London looking glamorous in a teal dress with red lips.

Artist of the week...

Our upcoming Artist of the week comes from a pop/neo soul artist from Baltimore named "Wish". Her fans recommended her video titled “Warrior” and after watching & checking out her artistry, we think she is awesome. She has an amazing voice and original sound. Her songs are infectious.
Wish has a new mixtape titled “Wishtape” that can be heard & ordered on  Wish's Website.

Follow Wish @wishishere on Twitter.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mob Wives' Big Ang Getting Spin-off

VH1 announced yesterday that Mob Wivesstar Big Ang, a.k.a. Angela Raiola, is getting her own spin-off this July. Producer Jennifer Graziano recently called Big Ang her "secret weapon" after Ang emerged as the most popular character on the reality show about Italian American women who love mafiosos.
The owner of Staten Island's Drunken Monkey Bar & Grill, Big Ang earned a rep as a plastic surgery lover who pines over handsome "wise guys" and has a contagious Herman Munster-like laugh. As we've discovered, she also takes pride in cooking. Besides her voluptuous frame, those wise guys fall hard for her cutlets,  (as do family and friends) and Ang told us she's working on a cookbook. Since the new show will bring even more attention to Staten Island, we wanted to find out where she eats out. Here, Big Ang’s favorite restaurants.

courtesy of VH1,Food &

Azealia Banks Featured In Elle Magazine

Although Azealia may have been overlooked by XXL for their 2012 Freshman list, Elle definitely took notice. She’s featured in the May issue of Elle Magazine as one of the few Women In Music to look out for this year.
In the issue, Azealia poses in a Moschino Wool Matador hat, a yellow colored Minnie Mouse sweater and an interesting purple and blue curly do. She also talks about her single ’212′ in the feature, while taking a stab at folks who thinks she’s famous for being famous: “’212’ is arrogant,” says Azealia, of her hit “212″ video, “and fashion is arrogant. Selling beauty means convincing people that you have something they want.”
“People say, ‘You just got famous on YouTube.’” Azealia said. “I’m like, ‘So? You didn’t get famous anywhere.’”

Monday, April 9, 2012

Artist Of the week .....

This week's Up and Coming feature is ....

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina’s debut album, Wildflower, is a vibrant bouquet of compelling stories, powerful emotions and soaring vocals that is as irresistible and delightful as Lauren herself.

Lauren captured America’s heart when she appeared on American Idol earlier this year and revealed her enthusiasm, humor and warmth, as well as a commanding voice with an impressive range that has been compared to the genre’s premier vocalists, including Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride. She helped make the show one of the most popular yet. A record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale, which garnered 29.3 million viewers, as well as 38.6 million who tuned in to see the winner’s name announced. She signed her record deal shortly thereafter and began recording her debut album with producer Byron Gallimore. Learn more about this artist ..
Check out GAC  Interview with Lauren Alaina...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Direction Sells Out Madison Square Garden in less than an hour...

Breaking a new record, the boy band One Direction sold out Madison Square Garden performance in December in less than an hour!

They aren’t kidding around with this British Invasion business! The hot boy group, One direction managed to sell out the third largest venue in the world, Madison Square Garden, when tickets went on sale April 6 in record time!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Janet Jackson reveals her new slim bod in Nutrisystem Ad...

Wow Janet! Big transformation from recent films. Could it be not only did you get a massive slim down but possibly an uplift or tighten in some other places as well? No matter, you look great! Werk girl. Can you say Disciplne? Janet's Nutrisystem Ad will appear next Monday.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rihanna at premiere in PJ's...


Rihanna has hit the Japan premiere of new movie Battleships, in a jumpsuit which bears more than a passing resemblance to a pair of pajamas.
The singer turned actress wore this Japanese inspired kimono trouser suit for her swag up the red carpet.

It was the first public appearance she's made since changing her hair. Over the weekend she revealed that she'd dyed her hair from blonde to dark brown to jet black and we have to say, we love the look.
Everything Rihanna does turns heads, and this unusual outfit was no exception.
Rihanna has recently acknowledged her controversial reputation, defending her We Found Love video.
The star has said that despite depicting drug use and violence, the video was an expression of her 'art'.
"When I make a music video, it's a piece of art. It's four minutes to make a visual, for people to understand the message in the song," she said.
She continued: "I never do anything to get banned, never do it for controversy. It's always just honest and at times I just go a little too far for some."
It's not just her music which has raised eyebrows. Last week she was linked to Ashton Kutcher, after rumours circulated that RiRi had left his house in the early hours of the morning.
However, at press conference for Battleship, Rihanna dismissed the rumours saying she was 'single and happy'.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jennifer Lopez draped all over new boyfriend Casper Smart....

Jennifer Lopez wraps her arm around shirtless boyfriend Casper Smart in this behind-the-scenes photo from her “Dance Again” video.
The 42-year-old entertainer will be premiering the video this Thursday (April 5) on American Idol!!

Dance Again” is Jennifer‘s latest track with Pitbull. The two  teamed up for the hit track “On the Floor” recently.

Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded Released today...

With Nicki Minaj's sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, set to dropped Today (April 3), the YMCMB rapper reveals some of the shots from the photoshoot for the packaging of the LP.
The shots stick to the theme of the previously released cover art of Roman Reloaded -- a blonde Nicki is painted from head-to-toe in various colors, while posing on a multi-colored, painted white background. However, the extra shots reveal that Nicki is rocking nothing but a bra and panties.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nicki Minaj Outfitting @ Kids Choice Awards

Check out Nicki Minajs outfiiting at the KCA's. Tickets and popcorn anyone? Creative Attire as always. Young $!

Rihanna hot in black

RiRi hot new black hair style debuted this weekend in Tokyo on her instagram. Workin' it.